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April 9, 2022
Source: fixthephoto.com
Source: fixthephoto.com

Thousands of social media profile photos have been seen by you. Every day you see dozens. And you take notice of someone just by looking at their profile photo. You judge whether they are likable, trustworthy, intelligent, or not in a short second. You are the one who makes the decisions.

When we meet new individuals in the real world, we all try to appear our best. We make certain that we dress properly. We should wash our teeth. That we are gorgeous. All of this serves to demonstrate who you are, your personality, and your ability to avoid looking like Pigpen with a laptop.

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They’re swiping right or left in their heads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and everywhere else, connecting or dismissing, interacting with your material, or ignoring your connection request.

So invest some time in the most important aspect of your online presence. Here are four ways to nail your social media profile picture.

1. Show your face

Source: shotkit.com
Source: shotkit.com

It should go without mentioning, but you have a problem if they can’t see your face.

Faces are a particularly potent form of imagery. Faces exploit a cognitive bias inherent in our brains, according to studies on visual psychology. You Should Also Use a recent photo consistently across all platforms. It will help you keep a consistent image across all of your business’s platforms. It will also help your consumers recognize you immediately. There will be no mistake in their minds when they come across your social media presence that it is YOU. Use more photographs to make a visual tale about yourself. Because these don’t usually profile photographs. they’re rarely square. They can also be used on social media, your website, and the media.

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2. Strike A Pose

Source: plex.tv
Source: plex.tv

You want the camera to have a beautiful angle on you, whether you’re using a timer with your camera on a tripod or having someone shoot the picture. It does not imply that it must be straight-on (though it is the most common). Angle your body 45 degrees away from the camera while keeping your head looking at it to thin yourself out a bit. Experiment with varied arm movements (straight down, on hips, one arm on hips, arms crossed, etc).

These movements do more than keep your hands occupied. They move your entire frame (including your shoulders) around, giving you additional variety in your appearance. To adjust your weight/perspective, consider stepping back with one leg a foot or two.

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3. Boost the brightness of your smile

Source: wallpapercave.com
Source: wallpapercave.com

There are two types of body language: open and closed. Arms, legs, and hands can communicate a willingness to connect or a no-contact message. Faces are the same.

From the scowling mugshot (“don’t look at me”) to the high-beam open-mouth grin (“I adore the world and everyone in it”), there are several levels of open expression on a face.

4. Always use your brand colors in your photos

Source: freerangestock.com
Source: freerangestock.com

Social media streams move quickly. Color may help you stand out. shades that contrast with the surrounding colors stands out. When you think about it, this is easy and obvious.

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Most social networking websites are in what color?

Blue (a cool color)

What hue pairs well with blue? Orange (a warm color).

Since LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter use a lot of blue, putting on an orange shirt (or any top with warm colors) will make you immediately more visible. These are also less common colors for clothing.

Because blue is prevalent on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, wearing an orange shirt (or any top with warm hues) will immediately increase your visibility. These are also uncommon apparel hues.

It’s all about the Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Source: freerangestock.com
Source: freerangestock.com

You will squint if you look directly at a light. If you take a photo under bright light, your face will be obscured. Good lighting may bring out your best characteristics. Bad lighting can make you appear tired and highlight all of your facial flaws.

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Use a simple background

Your face should be the focal point of the photograph. Busy backdrops might divert attention away from you, which is undesirable. Using a simple or plain colored background is recommended. The background also allows you to wear different colors without changing your outfit. Simply change the background. Cyrus Shepard once conducted research into the effect of backdrop color on click-through rates and discovered that a warm color produced the best results.

Banner photos are useful for social media

Banner images, like this one, are significantly wider than they are tall. They’re also known as cover photographs, and they’re popular on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and Google Plus. Because banner photographs on all of these social media platforms are different sizes, have your photographer keep this in mind and take photos that you can quickly trim to the correct size for later usage. Slazzer can help you with that.

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Save a few photos for updates later

Source: datehighflyers.com
Source: datehighflyers.com

When it comes time to update your profile photo, you’ll be glad you did. You might be able to utilize your photos for other things as well, such as marketing brochures or presentations. If you have an Instagram account, schedule the posting of your newly commissioned images.

Test your profile picture with a focus group

Upload some alternatives to PhotoFeeler to get some data from a focus group. You may get 100 people to vote on your photo based on three criteria for less than $20. Voting on other people’s images can also earn you credits.

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Upload numerous images to compare how they compare to one another. In only a few hours, you’ll have your results. The results of my testing are listed below.

Use the same headshot on all your professional profiles

For persons with common names, this is extremely significant. If someone sees you somewhere and wants to connect with you elsewhere, make it simple for them by utilizing the same photo across all of your professional social media platforms.

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