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September 7, 2022

JavaScript is arguably the best PDF annotator, consisting of a library of PDF annotations tools that add a wealth of functionality to projects. But how and why edit PDFs with this program?

We shall discuss PDF annotation software, how to annotate documents using JavaScript, and many other tips and ways in editing a PDF document.

Why Add PDF Annotations?

The simple reason for adding them to the PDF reader is that they are customizable. Additionally, developers can install additions like photos, URLs, and watermarks to documents programmatically.

A client-side software may want to include JavaScript additions for a variety of reasons. They perform well when anonymity is crucial. To maintain discretion, you can reduce communication across servers.

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Markup vs. Annotation

There is a dual way in which such edits in a PDF may be adopted. Namely:

Markup: One may annotate PDF files and other documents by marking up text. This is possible in document evaluations when numerous individuals contribute when text remarks and notes are provided, or markups are frequently utilized.

Non-markup: This tool incorporates the addition of interactive features in created files. Examples are signatures or fillable pdf.

PDF Annotations Types

There are twenty- six regular offerings for PDF annotations. In addition to these, the edits library for  PDFTron JavaScript has nine more tools with altered feature capabilities. In total, therefore. JavaScript allows for a buffet of thirty-five versatile tools choices, with some of the following features:

  1. Shape and Drawing
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Apply these to swiftly bring awareness to remarks and amendments, over illustrations or text blocks, or to emphasize specific data. This feature offers a very clear method to view comments made by reviewers.

  1. Redaction

JS redaction obscures private information with a black highlight or picture. Additionally, to prevent harmful retrieval of any censored material, including text, photos, sections of images, and specific metadata in a client-side application, the PDF highlighter app alters the underlying PDF file

  1. Text

Text markup alters the actual text as opposed to text annotations, which add text remarks. To do this, one may highlight and annotate PDF text, underline it or place word strikeouts to indicate content that requires editing.

  1. Rubber Stamp
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A rubber stamp rapidly informs the viewer that a  PDF may be a draft, confidential or copyrighted.

  1. Custom annotations

One may modify edits based on the available tool functions. Alterations may be made to the function, selection boxes, appearance, and control handles. The personalized features can display in other PDF viewers.

  1. Measurement

In the building industry, measurement tools are frequently utilized by JS to calculate space dimensions in designs and to calculate the required inputs. UI is provided through the PDFTron SDK utilities.

Adding Annotations: UI vs. Programmatically

  1. UI-based

In this method, tools in the viewer interface are utilized by users to access annotations.

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Data is not transferred to external servers for editing by PDFTron because it puts in all edits, including redactions and watermarks, from the client’s browser. The result being this method is dependable and easy to execute as there is little reliance on system aids.

  1. Programmatically

Code is used in this method as a program to annotate PDF automatically. This also entails watermarking private documentation.

The WebViewer for PDFTron offers a wide range of APIs for programmatic interaction and customization of annotations.

Adding Annotations via JavaScript

JavaScript will integrate PDF annotations in one of two ways: by creating a custom alternative or by utilizing existing libraries.

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1.A custom alternative

It takes a lot of effort and study of details to design your library. You must closely follow guidelines, make sure that edits are compatible with more common document readers, and handle the XFDF format specified by the PDF document. However, having your preferences is rewarding.

2.Utilize an existing feature

PDFTron SDK gives consumers the ability to process annotations right in WebViewer.

With a competent PDF and Office viewer element, WebViewer offers various APIs that make adding annotations simple. The toolbar menu can easily be customized with desired features and tool groupings. To simply help merge projects, WebViewer also supports all popular JS frameworks.

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This article specifically discussed JavaScript. We delved into the reason behind PDF annotation additions, and software for annotating PDFs and we highlighted comparisons between annotation addition via programmed software, with annotation addition via user- interface. Becoming a software wiz by reading more articles on this site!

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