October 19, 2022

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. Where families get together and have fun and make memories. But what every individual stresses about prior to Christmas is all the gifts that you have to buy and all the money you would have to spend as well. If this is the case for you too then do not stress out because we have come up with the 5-gift rule you need to follow.

So here are the 5 rules for giving out gifts this year:

  1. Someplace one can go
  2. Something they would need
  3. Something they would want
  4. Something one can read
  5. Something one can wear

So why would you follow this rule for gifts rather than just shopping like usual for friends and family? Well, it’s always best to remember the true essence of the Christmas holidays, and you can do that by spending more smartly.

Someplace one can go

This is one of the most unique holiday gift ideas that you may not have come across before. Everyone dreams of going somewhere special and whether it is your friend or family member that you are spoiling, try to think which is the place they have been hoping to visit.

It could be a cinema, amusement park or even some sports game. Or better yet, some people simply dream of having a spa day and you can treat them to one.

Something they would need

Now think of the one thing a friend or family member would need and you can get them that on Christmas. Is it some winter boots, or a backpack? Remember that a need is something they would be looking forward to getting because it would fulfil a requirement of theirs.

You can be great at getting people what they need if you pay closer attention, and it’s best to remember that if you’re gifting children get them anything they need that would keep them away from screens as that would make their parents happy too.

Something they would want

A want is a desire, that is not necessary but a person still longs to have it because they look forward to using it. This is different for each individual, you might want a new and shinier car whereas your friend would simply want a new phone.

Kids are simpler to gift but as they grow older their wants get even more expensive too. So this is where you have to be careful and possibly set a budget so that you do not spend a lot. Instead, try to get people a product that would be practical and they would not lose interest in it after a few days.

Something one can read

There are a lot of things you can gift someone that they would enjoy reading, such as a book or a merry Christmas card that has a personalised note from you. For close ones that have pets, you can go the extra mile by even sending them out pet holiday cards which would make them so happy. And depending on what pet they have you can add in a little something for it too, like a toy or some scent or snack they would enjoy.

Something one can wear

Some people love to dress up and have huge closets with unique pieces that they enjoy wearing. This is your chance to add to their personal enjoyment and gift them clothes or accessories that would remind them of you and look great on them too.


Since Christmas is a great holiday everyone deserves to be spoilt and enjoy the gifts they get and give. Follow these 5 ideas to make your loved ones happy without spending too much.



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